3CX Cloud Hosted Phone System

Traditional PBX vs. Cloud PBX

You’ve likely come across terms like Cloud PBX, Hosted PBX, and Virtual PBX. But what do they actually mean?

In simple terms, instead of relying on a traditional, intricate, and costly-to-maintain PBX box located on your premises, all your phone services operate through your internet connection using VoIP (voice over IP) technology.

Traditional PBX: This system is physically based at your business location. It involves expensive hardware, specialized installation, and maintenance on-site.

Cloud PBX: In contrast, a Cloud PBX runs virtually, leveraging the internet. It offers flexibility, scalability, and streamlined updates as your business grows.

So, while legacy PBX systems can be expensive to set up and maintain, a Cloud PBX provides a more efficient and adaptable solution for modern businesses. 


3CX Cloud Hosted Benefits

3CX has the same level of security compared to your on prem PBX but offers an abundance of benefits

  • With built in chat and meetings it creates a centralised communication network for your employees whether in the office or onsite
  • Having access to the 3CX app’s for mobile, Web-App for computers & traditional desktop phones means you will never miss a call.
  • Voicemail to email & conferencing
  • Call reporting and statistics
  • Digital receptionists
  • Access to multiple VOIP vendors to ensure the lowest call costs
  • Easy and hassle free to expand